Veröffentlicht am 05/09/2013 15:23

Important Update To Your Payout

Dear Affiliates,


During the last months we are seeing an increased interest to our affiliate program which caused our payees list to grow up significantly and therefore it's no longer possible to proces all payouts within one day as it was before. In order to add some consistency and make sure that everything is done in time, payouts now will be processed within 7 days since hold period ends.


Thank you for understanding and cooperation!

Veröffentlicht am 03/27/2013 18:55

White Labels without Whois Privacy service will be removed within 24 hours.

Dear Affiliates,


Two weeks ago we have asked you to obtain a Whois Privacy service for your BongaCams White Label domains and now we are going to remove those WL's without Whois Privacy.


We are aware that some domain zones are not eligible for Whois privacy, therefore we suggest you to move your White Label to another domain or edit your Whois details and specify Glisser Trade as a primary contact.


Please be informed that during the next 24 hours all White Labels with inapropriate Whois record will be removed.


Thank you for understanding.




Veröffentlicht am 03/14/2013 16:04

Emails from BongaCash

Dear Affiliates,


We have noticed that some of you are missing our announcements and alerts because emails from BognaCash are occasionally going to the spam folder. To avoid any inconvenience it may cause to you, please make sure that is in your trusted recipients list.


Please note that all emails from BongaCash contain only important information and you don't want to miss it!


Thank you for your cooperation!

Veröffentlicht am 03/08/2013 13:03

Whois Protection Is Now Mandatory

Dear Affiliates,


We would like to inform you that our billing companies are seriously concerned that some White Labels of BongaCams are not using Whois Protection.


Please visit your domain registrar's admin panel as soon as possible and set a Whois Protection to avoid disclosure of your personal details. Whois Protection it's now mandatory for all domains that are used for BongaCams White Label - we take it very seriously and all affilaite accounts that are not using Whois Protection on their domains will be disabled on 12th of March 2013.

Veröffentlicht am 03/01/2013 16:31

Technical Issue

Dear Affiliates,


We are aware of the issue and are working on getting it fixed.


Apologies for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience!